Mobile Marketing Is Always On

Today we are doing our maximum social activities on social media which is apparently not new but a great future. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram are the social platforms where we live our life and manage our[…]

Transparency is Accountability

Transparency is the principle of public officials, civil servants, companies/organizations duty to act visible, foreseeable and under-stable to promote participation and accountability. Moreover, transparency is the large amount of raw information which should be managed[…]

Intelligence On Social Platforms.

Social inteligent tools works as analyze, measure, display, and create reports about your engagement efforts for company, brands and products. I have found some Social inteligent tools for compare Tim Hortons coffee and sturbucks coffee. Here is[…]

-Social Web Strategies with Audience for Private, NPO and Govt. Organizations-

Social Web Strategies with Audience for Private, NPO and Govt. Organizations- World economy and social aspects depends on any companies or organizations. So, profit, non-profit and government organizations which are the base of all economic[…]

Memes Are Fun Massage

    Meme is the medium of transfer massages with image. The concept of a meme is to create fun with thoughts or sayings.  The most common meme is an image of a person or[…]

Create Creative Image-Online Image Editing

  Images are shadow of life. Now people capture their best moments and try to make that photo lot more creative and stunning. Now nobody needs to use Photoshop or buy photo editing software. Many[…]

CSS- Play Your Web

CSS is the the way to change web designs. Its like a game that when you put word or code main theme changes on your way. Basically when we play video games, we use codes[…]

An Advanced Social Media Can Boost Marketers and Business Future. from Rahat Bhuiyan

Images Plays With Emotions Where As Techniques Plays With Composition.

What do you feel,when you see a good Image? Images are shadows of life. Every images has a behind the scene. Images are still but a story. Images are mystery. It plays with emotions. An[…]